Make learning fun with Pup Quiz!

Pup Quiz is a one-stop solution to make math fun for kids!

Each K-5 kit contains the most useful hands-on materials to help students strengthen their problem-solving, fact fluency, number sense, and SEL skills.

120 Reusable Fact Automaticity Dry-Erase Worksheets

Common Core-Aligned, Multiple Choice Word Problem Cards

Card Deck with 104 Cards

Flash card decks for all operations

Addition Flash Cards

Reduce your child's screen time by playing games! Card games are a fun way to learn without technology.

Multiplication Flash Cards

According to the CDC, children ages 8-10 spend about 6 hours in front of screens for video games, television, and entertainment apps.

Subtraction Flash Cards

Gamify learning while increasing social and emotional learning!

Division Flash Cards

Check out our GAMES for some creative ways to use these flash cards.