Who created Pup Quiz? 
Lindsay Barnett is the co-founder and CEO of Pup Quiz®. She currently teaches second grade in Chicago. She received her Bachelor of Science in Communications: Radio, Television, and Film as well as an Interactive Arts and Entertainment Module from Northwestern University. She then earned her Master of Science in Education in Elementary Teaching at Northwestern. Barnett’s studies in the visual arts and education help her to constantly think about the ways in which teachers can effectively engage children with kinesthetic and visual learning styles in addition to those with auditory predilections. Barnett grew up in the suburbs of Chicago with dogs who inspired the lovable characters featured in Pup Quiz®!  

Victoria Goldfarb is the co-founder of Pup Quiz®. She is a fourth grade teacher in a diverse public school in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Born and raised in Shaker Heights, Goldfarb is passionate about providing high-quality education and resources to all students. She received both her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and her Master of Science in Education from Northwestern University. With co-founder Lindsay Barnett, she hopes to engage and inspire young mathematicians through the exciting, new, Common Core-aligned tools available through Pup Quiz®! 


What are the favorite games for each grade level?

Pre-School = Retriever

Kindergarten = Tug of War

First Grade = Fetch

Second Grade = Top Dog

Third Grade = Hound Up, Round Up

Fourth Grade = No Barking Allowed!

Fifth Grade = Escape the Dog Pound 

How can teachers track students' progress with Pup Quiz?

There are many easy ways to track academic growth!

For math fact fluency, time students for one minute and see how many math problems they are able to correctly answer on the dry-erase worksheets. Record that data and continue this process each day. 

To track the grade level scope and sequence, see how many multiple choice word problem cards students can answer each month. On the back of each card, teachers and parents will find a corresponding Common Core State Standard to determine what the child has learned and what the child needs to learn. At the end of the school year, students should be able to answer all of the cards for the grade level. 

You can also use flash cards to track fact automaticity. Flip through the flash cards to determine which facts can be immediately retrieved. Record the problems that are difficult and continue practicing until the child builds his/her fact fluency. 

Does Pup Quiz have materials for other subjects?

Stay tuned!